1 Minute Feedback – Value Added Employee Data

In their most recent Perspective Report entitled “HR Technology Disruptions for 2017”, Bersin by Deloitte states that tools that can make people related “decisions easier, more data-driven, and more measurable are indispensable.” Enter 1 Minute Feedback.


1. Data is Driving Decisions


Today, the effective management of an organization’s human resources requires significant data and analytics. At 1 Minute Feedback, we capture real time employee feedback date and share it with you in simple easy to understand dashboards. Our dashboards can help you measure and assess employee, management and leadership strengths and gaps. Our behavior focused data can help you zero in on where your organization needs to focus so that your talent get the necessary development support across different levels of management, operating units and regions.


2. A Personal Mobile Learning Platform


Mobile platforms have simply exploded over the last few years. In fact, American workers check their mobile phones 8 billion times a day! 1 Minute Feedback’s platform has been designed to provide a simple yet engaging user experience. We have made it easy for your talent (i.e. employees) to request feedback and understand how they are performing. We also provide quick comparisons to help them understand how their feedback relates to others so they have a benchmark. This benchmark is essential to help your employees learn on-the-job. At least 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experiences. Our mobile platform helps employees learn on-the-go.


3. Time to Replace the Traditional Performance Appraisal


As more and more organizations such as Deloitte, Adobe, GE and Microsoft move away from the old, outdated, annual performance appraisal, new tools are required. These tools should help to drive increased levels of employee engagement and empowerment as well as drive increased team performance and collaboration throughout the year. 1 Minute Feedback provides value added data to help team leaders understand where the team needs to focus and learn to enhance team performance. Moreover, each team member also has access to a personal platform highlighting what they need to learn to improve. Equipped with this information, team leaders and individuals can work together to augment employee engagement, build collaboration, and improve team performance.


1 Minute Feedback is a value driven solution to help your organization make better employee decisions; provide a personal mobile learning platform for all of your employees; and most importantly drive employee engagement and team performance.