Do your employees want more feedback?

Your employees may be a part of the 65% of employees who want more feedback. Feedback is important to empower employees. How can an employee take ownership for their performance and development without feedback?

The feedback employees receive is based on the perception they create in others’ minds – and perception is reality. That perception is based on each employee’s personal behavior or actions at work. Co-workers and other important stakeholders such as customers see and hear an employee’s behavior and actions when interacting with them. The perception each employee creates heavily influences the relationships they build with others. Relationships are essential in the work place to get work done.

The behaviors an employee demonstrates have a direct correlation or impact on the results they achieve. At 1 Minute Feedback, we studied what top performing employees say or do (i.e. how they behave) in key interactions such as team meetings or presenting to customers. We refer to these interactions in our system as events. For each event, we have created one or more questionnaires that can help employees understand the extent to which they need to learn and develop their behavior to be even more successful during the event.

When employees receive feedback from diverse stakeholders, they become more aware of patterns in their behavior at work. Armed with the data from 1 Minute Feedback, employees can begin to take greater responsibility for their actions. This is a simple way organizations can empower their employees to learn and develop their skills and improve their personal performance.