1 Minute Feedback Helps Managers
Help Employees

In our experience, the single biggest reason why feedback doesn’t happen more in the workplace is because people don’t know how to give it; and research supports it. Research conducted by Willis Towers Watson, a leading advisory in talent cultivation, indicates that 60% of Managers
don’t know how to provide effective feedback. This is the main reason why there is a gap between the supply and demand for feedback in the workplace. This is also one reason why 1 Minute Feedback was created.

Most Managers believe they are giving feedback when they say the words “good job” or “great work”. But this isn’t feedback. In order for feedback to be effective, it should be behavior focused. A behavior is an action that we can see or hear. Behavior is important. The way employees behave is strongly correlated to the results they achieve. Given the structure of organizations today, most Managers don’t see or hear their employees during key interactions with internal and external stakeholders. This makes it difficult for Managers to provide valuable feedback.

1 Minute Feedback helps employees collect feedback about their behavior during key events or interactions at work. Employees can share this data with their Managers so their Managers can understand and recognize both their employees’ strengths and areas of development. Instead of investing time with trying to observe, formulate the feedback, and then providing it to their employees, Managers can focus on discussing and supporting their employees’ development.

1 Minute Feedback helps Managers save valuable time and effort by focusing development conversations on reviewing strengths and improvement areas as well as developing the necessary action plans to support employee development.