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Into Feedback

A Leader’s Focus
for 2020

Chris Colaco shares what the leader of a large international organization plans to focus on to ensure his organization achieves its goals for the year ahead. You can also learn the role feedback can help to nurture this focus area for your team, department or organization.

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Feedback Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Have you set goals and resolutions for the New Year?

If you want to understand how you can achieve your personal goals and resolutions for this year, Chris Colaco shares how feedback can help you be a success.

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Give the Gift of Feedback Video

Do you know one gift you can give your coworkers this holiday season and will cost you nothing?

In this 1 minute video, Chris Colaco helps you give a gift that will make a difference for you and another person.

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Do you know the one thing that you can do that will make a difference when giving someone else feedback?

We have recently noticed a lot of posts on LinkedIn about how others may react negatively when you give them constructive feedback.

In this 1 minute video Chris Colaco shares the secret that can help you overcome it.

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