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1 Minute Feedback Helps Managers
Help Employees

In our experience, the single biggest reason why feedback doesn’t happen more in the workplace is because people don’t know how to give it; and research supports it. Research conducted by Willis Towers Watson, a leading advisory in talent cultivation, indicates that 60% of Managers

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Do your employees want more feedback?

Your employees may be a part of the 65% of employees who want more feedback. Feedback is important to empower employees. How can an employee take ownership for their performance and development without feedback?

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1 Minute Feedback – Value Added Employee Data

In their most recent Perspective Report entitled “HR Technology Disruptions for 2017”, Bersin by Deloitte states that tools that can make people related “decisions easier, more data-driven, and more measurable are indispensable.” Enter 1 Minute Feedback.

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1 Minute Feedback – Reinventing Organizational Feedback

Feedback is essential to driving employee engagement. Research shows that 4 out of 10 workers are actively disengaged when they receive little or no feedback. Moreover, Managers giving little or no feedback to their employees fail to engage 98% of them. And when Managers decide to give feedback, 60% don’t know how to give effective feedback.

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