Benefits for
Feedback Drivers


Free Training

We realize that our system may be new or different for you and your clients. So we provide free training webinars to help you to 1. Sell 1 Minute Feedback, 2. Source and analyze the diverse feedback data, and 3. Support your clients to encourage greater use of 1 Minute Feedback.


Support Tools

Instead of investing your time to develop presentations and economic value tools to help you explain the benefits and value of 1 Minute Feedback to your clients; we have done it for you. You can download and use the various presentations and tools to help you sell in and support the implementation of 1 Minute Feedback with your clients. Once you register and join the community of Feedback Drivers, you can easily access our various support tools on your personal page.


Greater Insight About Your Clients

Once your clients begin using 1 Minute Feedback, they begin to provide you invaluable data that can help you identify key learning opportunity related to specific management levels, teams, departments, functions / units and markets (regions / countries). Armed with this information, your training, facilitation or coaching recommendations have much greater weight and credibility with your clients.


Share and Learn from Other Feedback Drivers

We understand that 1 Minute Feedback is probably going to be a significant change in the way that your clients request and provide feedback. Over and above the free training webinars we provide to help your clients get in the habit of using 1 Minute Feedback more and more, we give you an opportunity to learn how other Feedback Drivers have supported their clients through the introduction and implementation of our 1 Minute Feedback system.


Incremental Income

Over and above these benefits, we would like to reward you for helping to drive the success of 1 Minute Feedback. Therefore, every time your clients compensate us, we would like to compensate you. We offer different compensation packages aimed at recognizing and reward you as part of our community of Feedback Drivers.