Giving feedback is critical to helping your team members
and company thrive!

Your greatest asset is your people.

When you give your team members feedback, you make an investment to help them understand what they have learned and should continue doing and what they need to learn to get better. And when you provide consistent feedback over and over again, it has a multiplier effect: it motivates your top performers and drives engagement among your entire team.

Most leaders find it a challenge to deliver ongoing, effective feedback their teams. It takes time and effort. Our research based questionnaires make it easy for you to recognize your team members and help them grow…all in 1 minute or less.

Our revolutionary feedback system makes it easy for you and your fellow team members to request and provide feedback to one another so that all team members understand how they can contribute to building a winning team.

Companies like SGS, the largest testing, inspection and certification company in the world trust 1 Minute Feedback.

1 Minute Feedback is a feedback system that will leave your team members feeling:

  • Empowered to take action to help the team succeed.
  • Enabled to learn better and faster.
  • Engaged to grow and develop.