Our new working reality requires us to engage with one another in a different way

The transition from office to remote work is a big change for every employee.

During this transition, employees need continuous support so they feel connected to one another and manage their work during this challenging time. One way that you can support your employees is to help them learn and thrive while working virtually.

We cannot continue to work the same way we used to. It just won’t yield the same results! Our new working reality requires that each of us learn how to structure information and present it in a different way. The way we organize and run meetings also needs to change so we involve and engage virtual participants. For those of us that manage others, we need to learn how to engage our employees remotely.

One of the ways that we can connect with our fellow employees and support each other to succeed during this change to remote working is through feedback. Feedback is important to help all of us understand what we have learned to do and where greater focus is required. And when we provide encouraging feedback to one another, we create an environment that promotes learning.

To help your employees connect, learn and feel more engaged, the team at 1 Minute Feedback has developed a range of short questionnaires to help every one of us learn how to:

  • Structure communications and present virtually.
  • Lead and contribute to engaging virtual meetings.
  • Manage and support people employees working remotely.

We would like to play a role to help you and your team members make the transition to remote work a smoother one. We are therefore offering you and your team members an opportunity to use our virtual questionnaires free for 1 month so that you support one another to learn to thrive in our new working reality.

If you have any questions or would like to understand more about how we are supporting employees to make the transition to remote work a smoother one, please feel free to contact us at

Companies like SGS, the largest testing, inspection and certification company in the world trust 1 Minute Feedback.

1 Minute Feedback’s cloud based platform makes it easy for your employees to request, provide and review their feedback at any time and any place. Take the first step to help your employees:

  • Learn how to become a more engaging virtual presenter.
  • Create more engaging virtual meetings.
  • Enhance the way they manage their employees.