Improve Employee performance and engagement with continuous feedback

Learn how we take your employees’ performance to the next level

1 Minute Feedback helps employees quickly identify where they are in their personal journey to learn, grow and develop… in a motivating and positive way.



Feedback that is easy to understand and actionable. Feedback that helps employees learn better and faster. Machine learning that recognizes an employee’s growth and development.


Discover how we build employee engagement

We make it easy for Managers to provide positive feedback and build a strengths based environment.


Our system highlights individual growth that can be recognized by Managers during one to ones. We make it easy for Managers and employees to engage in constructive development exchanges. Machine learning recommends internal coaches who can provide personal insights to foster skill development.


Gain insight into how we provide value added HR data

Our skills related data can help augment your organization’s talent decision making.



We identify the key growth opportunities by individual, team, department and organization. Our system can highlight hidden talents through internal and external benchmarks. Our system can help every employee understand how they are contributing to the organization’s culture.


1 Minute Feedback Key Features


Organizational flexible
Fit for an organization of any size
Real time data
Feedback is instantly reported
Ready-made research based questionnaires
Questionnaires ready for your organization to use
Simplified reporting
Easily identify your strengths and learning
Tailor made questionnaires
Encourage the behaviors your organization values
Manager dashboard
Track your team’s learning progress
Learning focused
Promote learning and skill development
Organizational trends
Empower HR with tangible skills data
A user-friendly feedback system
Transform the way employees request and review feedback
Only an employee can see their personal feedback
  Feedback in 1 minute or less
A maximum of 7 questions per questionnaire
Protected organizational and individual data


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